What is the purpose of AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making “smart” machines — or using patterns and data to predict and produce the best outcomes, and do things better. On his TED Talk, “How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution,” Kevin Kelly, the founder of Wired Magazine, defines AI as “the tendency to make things smarter and smarter,” which he calls, “cognifying — cognification.” His definition highlights an important element of AI, which has to do with increasing efficiency and optimizing current processes by using big data and trends to better inform our decisions.

In one of our social implications guest lectures…

The main misconception of an MVP is to build smaller, cheaper, or limited versions of a product, however, that’s wrong. An MVP is about learning from your customers and testing your assumptions before you even begin to build your product.

1) “An MVP is not a Cheaper Product, It’s about Smart Learning”

Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur and the father of the Lean Startup movement, explains that the importance of an MVP is not necessarily to create a “cheaper version of your product,” but rather to test in the simplest form possible if you have a product that customers care about, and discover if it has a potential for business [1].

Steve Blank emphasizes that the main advantage of an MVP is to learn from your customers and test your own assumptions, without having to spend a lot of money or time building something users may not want or need.

I agree…

[1] Let’s start by identifying 2–3 challenges that product managers need to consider when directing the evolution of their product, and then I will explain some techniques suggested to address these.

There are several challenges that product managers need to consider when directing the evolution of their product, here are two key ones:

1) Defining the Product Roadmap: short-term vs. long-term goals

A product roadmap is a useful tool that allows product managers to plan for both the short-term and long-term growth and evolution of their product. This plan is essential to gain stakeholder buy in and cross-functional support, and also helps PMs develop a budget for their product. The main challenge that product managers face while developing a product roadmap is striking a balance between short-run and long-run goals. …

The majority of new product launches fail and, while updates to existing products fare better, launches are fraught with unexpected quality issues and disappointing business results. Below, I will be discussing Product Launches — why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failed and strategies to improve your chances for a smooth market deployment.

An overview of the Galaxy Note 7 & what this product was trying to achieve

In 2016, Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 7, a successor to the Galaxy Note 5 smartphone. The new features of this phablet phone (smartphone + tablet), known for its “mini tablet” large 5.7 in. screen, included: a water-resistant screen and stylus, an expanded high quality curved display on…

UX — User Experience Designer

1. In your own words describe what they do. What is the purpose and key responsibilities of the role?

A UX Designer is passionate about understanding users, and is responsible for creating the experience, or “feel,” of a product. Their goal is to keep the user’s needs in mind and develop products as intuitive, and easy as possible to use for the users. In order to do so, they conduct a lot of research, focus on user testing to discover insights, and validate products and features, in order to deliver good and seamless user experiences.

Meet the Inaugural Class of the 2018 Latinas Engineering Leadership Program

By: Itzel Martinez & Dante Alvarado-Leon

TLDR: Five incoming college students from around California have been selected as the inaugural cohort of the 2018 Latinas Engineering Leaders Program. These dynamic, collaborative, and inspiring group of students will spend the next three months working with us to develop their leadership skills, learn the tools to successfully navigate college, and be prepared to land their first technical internship by the end of their first year in college. Get to know them here.

What is LELP?

The Latinas Engineering Leadership Program (LELP) is an innovative three-month virtual mentorship experience that seeks to support and empower Latina…

Building a great product is hard.

Product Management is the dream job for every student that has a combined passion for technology, engineering, and business. Since I was admitted to UC Berkeley, I knew I wanted to do something that would intersect my passions for technology and entrepreneurship, and it wasn’t until I interned at Facebook my sophomore year, and had the opportunity to meet with an experienced Product Manager that I learned what PMs do.

Initial Assumptions…What is Product Management?

Prior to this class, I had the notion that being a PM required you to have a strong technical background, from being able to program…

It’s not Black Friday, Cyber Monday, nor Christmas’ season holidays shopping. Are you thinking of Amazon’s Prime Day and the $1 billion in worldwide sales it attained earlier this year in less than 30 hrs.? Nope, that’s not it. There’s an even bigger event that has more online sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, any other guesses?

Let me give you some clues:

  • It is held every year since 2009 on November 11
  • At this event, shoppers spent $1 billion in first 5 minutes in 2016
  • In regards to total online sales, this event attained a whopping $17.8…

I started the new year on a plane. Flying for the first time outside of North America, on a journey to India. This was the first time I experienced assimilating to a new culture in a foreign country, as I traveled to Vizag with my classmates from UC Berkeley to help improve the education system via open innovation.

Last year, I enrolled in a smart cities leveraging open innovation course at UC Berkeley. In this class we built smart models to help the city of Visakhapatnam, India become a smart city. At the end of the course we would be…

We live in a world of ideas, imaginations turned into realizations.

It’s a beautiful world, filled with so many opportunities and dreams, but one where there is limited amount of time and a lot of uncertainty.

We all want to be successful. The question is, at what cost?

Think about this scenario:

Well, now you are here, at the start of a new semester. Welcome to the prestigious Haas School of Business. Many of you have been waiting to be part of this program since you first stepped on this campus, for some it has been a dream you have…

Dante Alvarado Leon

A Love for Tech, A Passion for People! I have a passion to create and develop ambitious ideas and products that solve ambiguous and non-linear problems.

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